Steph and I are both Registered Nurses currently working at the Royal Children's Hospital.
We are heading to Zambia for six months this year to volunteer at Kalene Mission Hospital.
The hospital is located in remote north west Zambia. It currently has 180 inpatient beds and serves a
population of at least 33,000 Zambian citizens as well as many patients living outside the catchment area
including nearby Angola and the Deomocratic Republic of Congo. Some patients travel up to 300 kilometres
to be treated. The hospital currently has one international volunteer doctor and a couple of
international volunteer nurses. There are also a number of locally enrolled Zambian nurses.
Steph and I will be based at Kalene for the six months, rotating through the pediatric,
mens & womens ward, as well as the maternity wing.

Steph & Mel


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3 Prints: Memories, Show Me the Way & Soft Light of Day